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Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag & Bottle Cooler

This cool neoprene insulated lunch bag is easy to carry, easy to pack tons of lunch items in, and also stores flat in the cupboard or closet when you’re not using it. The square bottom means the bag stands up, making organization easy. Then it zips up tight, with a heavy duty zipper, to prevent spills and leaks, whether you’re carrying it or tossing it into the seat of your car for your commute. Because it’s stretchy, this bag can accommodate an amazing array of stuff, without having to use perfectly square containers. The extra large hole/handle makes it an easy carry for men, women and kids. This nifty insulated lunch bag also comes with an easy to tote bottle cooler that can attach to the lunch bag or be used independently. The study button on the cooler’s handle makes it simple to attach to a stoller, bicycle or just about anything else. If you’d rather skip the bottle tote and just get the biggest neoprene lunch bag, this insulated lunch bag from Casewee is pretty huge.

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