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Lunch Bag Waterproof Picnic Tote With Fine Neoprene Waterproof Material & Insulated Cooler Zipper Box - Storage Bag Lunch Box Food Bag Gourmet Handbag

Dongguan, Guangdong, September 21, 2017 --Casewee Trading Ltd is excited to announce it is expanding its Casewee Brand to include three new products which have just arrived at Amazon.

Neoprene lunch bags have been a favorite among people who lead a busy, active lifestyle and they continue to be a popular choice for families because of their lightness, unbreakable construction and insulating properties. They hold just the right amount of food for the smart, health-conscious American and are perfect for children’s school lunches.

The new products come in three colors: bubble,star and honeybee

PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of high-quality Waterproof Neoprene Material, this is the last Lunch Bag Picnic Tote you’ll ever need! Designed specifically to keep food hotter and colder for longer while being completely safe to use. This flexible tote bag for women and men makes it easier than ever before to enjoy hot/cold food the way it’s meant to on picnics, school, and trips, thanks to its amazing insulating properties.

SAFE & LONG LASTING: Our flexible neoprene picnic bag for women is both insulating and nontoxic. This flexible tote bag is made from completely safe eco-friendly, non-toxic, and PVC-free neoprene material unlike those found in lower quality picnic bags to ensure your food stays safe and healthy. The durable construction and high-quality zipper ensures that you can easily zip open and close your bag even when stretched to maximum capacity.

SIMPLY GORGEOUS: At Casewee, we believe that looks matter which is why we employ professional designers to design our waterproof and insulated picnic tote bags. Each our nylon beach tote designer lunch bag will last years while looking just as gorgeous years from now as it does today. With a size of 12" Lx 6.5"W x 12"H, it can easily fit a variety of containers the size of 7'' Lx 6'' to make the perfect fashion lunch bag that doesn’t just look good but helps you carry everything you want!

WATERPROOF & INSULATED LUNCH BAG: Whether it’s raining or the middle of winter, you can count on our neoprene flexible tote lunch bag to keep your food safe and at just the right temperature. Thanks to the insulating properties of our travel lunch bag, it can keep your food hot or cold for hours so that you can enjoy your food the way it’s meant to me.

A GIFT WORTH GIVING: This waterproof bag is lightweight, easy to carry and makes for the perfect travel companion. Thanks to the gorgeous designs of our mom lunch bags, they make the perfect eco-friendly gift for a variety of occasions which Include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion and can be used as a Lunch Bag, Picnic Bag, School Bag or Shopping Bag.

Now you can finally carry your lunch in style with Casewee Lunch Bag Waterproof Picnic Tote.

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