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How to select a good neoprene lunch bag

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Finding the right lunch box/bag to take to work is a pain. I want it to be cute, washable, compact yet roomy enough for a bunch of food and snacks, keep my stuff cold, and easy to carry. Typically I look for a shoulder strap since my hands are always full (purse, work bag, coffee, phone), so initially I nixed this one, but I'm glad I bought it.

I've used this one for a week and already love it - even without the strap. the pattern is cute, and the pop of pink on the inside makes me happy. It's easy to identify in our overstuffed and smelly work fridge - and hey, my stuff doesn't even absorb the work fridge smells! The zipper seems sturdy and keeps my items safely tucked inside, and I love that the fabric is washable (but don't dry it!). I can't say how long it will keep things cool since I'm just using it to take stuff from home to work and back again, but the neoprene fabric does seem to have pretty good insulation.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit enough food in the bag. I bring my breakfast, lunch, and a couple of snacks on good days. But so far this has fit everything I've wanted to stuff inside, including beverage bottles and cans. The fabric stretches in all directions so it's roomier than imagined. Bottles do have to be on their sides, but cans could be upright. It's large enough to fit everything I need yet fits perfectly in the fridge without any stuffing or squishing.

As for the lack of shoulder strap, I haven't missed it. The handle is really comfortable and I can put the whole bag into my larger work bag to free up an extra hand, if needed. The only real complaint I have is that with so much room inside the singular compartment smaller or fewer items do shift around or fall to the bottom. If you're a ninja with Tetris, that won't be a problem for you.

Casewee Neoprene lunch bag, your best choice!-frank

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