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How to choose a suitable lunch bag

    If you're in the market for a new lunch bag, below is a list of 6 key features to look for. Make sure you get a lunch bag that best suits your kid's needs and habits!



    Insulation is key to keeping food and drinks cold and fresh. The thicker the insulation,the better the cold keeping performance. If you're not sure whether a lunch bag is insulated,check the product packaging for the key features.


    Lunch Bags are made to get messy! Or,at least some of them are. Make sure,when purchasing lunch bags for your kids that they can be wiped down or washed easily.


    There are many options when it comes to portability.Some lunch bags come with clips so that they can be attached to a backpack,others have shoulder straps. There are also many options that feature padded straps and handles for easy carrying on a long commute to school or work.


    Try looking for a lunch bag with a hard liner! Not only will this provide a protective barrier to keep food from being crushed,but the liner can also be removed for easy cleaning.


    The options are endless. Bring your kids with you to Walmart or Costco when you go Back to School Lunch Bag shopping and let them pick which lunch bag they like the most.

    Six: PRICE

    Finally,price. Don't break the bank on expensive lunch bags when you're bound to be buying multiples each year. There are plenty of affordable options that have all of these key features and many more to make you and your kids happy.

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