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How to care neoprene bag

    The following tips will help you

    Neoprene is a beautiful yet delicate fabric which requires some care when out and about. Please avoid harsh surfaces, sharp objects and car grease! The neoprene has an 'aqua seal' finish to assist in protecting the bag, but we do suggest washing immediately if the product becomes marked or stained in any way.



    • Hand wash or a gentle / delicate machine cycle wash in cold water with gentle detergent. Rinse thoroughly, drip dry and ensure item is completely dry before use.• Stain remover (non-chlorine only) can be applied directly to stubborn marks.• A simple lint roller / brush is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt.• DO NOT soak the bags in water and/or detergent as it will damage the press snaps.

    • Ensure the metal hook is clipped onto the handle of the bag before placing into the washing machine

    • Firmly blot the fabric but DO NOT rub the fabric as it will create an area of wear and rinse thoroughly

    • DO NOT dry-clean, tumble dry or iron

    • DO NOT wear against non-colour fast fabrics as the colour will rub onto your bag

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