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A fabulous handbag is all you need to take your style to the next level. Last year luckily, there wasn’t one single bag trend that stole all the spotlight. Instead, quite a few of bag styles were sharing the podium. Some of these will be seen this year as well. Bag trends 2018 too will follow the same mantra with not just a single bag taking over the entire throne.

So, this way, if you are the sort of lady who follows a trend despite her feelings about it, you know that this season you don’t have to just blindly go for the “it” trend that everyone is raving about. Instead, you get to choose and pick the styles that you genuinely want in your life. Everything is on the extreme ends this year; either oversized or miniature. Here are the bag trends that are totally in this season:

Fringe details

Every girl loves fringes and fortunately the trend has been resurrected. For this year, you better get yourself a bag that has fringe details. Fringe tassels hanging from zippers, handles or at the borders of the bags. Balenciaga, and Alexander Wang both have pieces that you can get yourself. Cheaper alternatives include Topshop and Mango. Carven and Christian Dior have also nodded their yes to this trend.

Transparent bags

Plastic shoes with transparent plastic boots are in and so are transparent bags. You better keep your best stuff inside because it’s all gonna be on display. The clear and unique style is a perfect carry-along for the casual look. The Kendal + Kylie line has a Lucy crossbody bag that can serve the purpose stylishly.

Bucket Bags

Why stay boring, when you can choose to look classy? With a bucket bag, your look is sure to allure. Colorful faux leather bucket bags are perfectly fashionable and give feminine vibes that can raise the glam level of any outfit. Miu Miu, Baja East, and even the Fenty x Puma collection by Rihanna have eye-catching bucket bags in various unique and bold styles.

Stand-out straps

Next in line are bags with eye-catching straps. Fendi introduced a bag with a furry strap, Mulberry presented one with a braided colorful strap, and Alexander Wang has one with multiple chains. This trend is for those who love artistic handbags. Bold and creative, statement straps are sure to make your outfit seem instantly more put-together.

Mini bags

Small bags are in vogue as suggested by all big fashion names including Thom Browne, Tory Burch, Coach, Fendi, and Mulberry. The shrunken bag trend has the fashion community gripped even though a bag that is so tiny can just not have enough room for all your take-alongs. But really, no one cares about that even a bit.

More than one bag

Because the micro bag trend doesn’t let you haul along all your essentials, carrying around two or three bags is now a thing. Doesn’t matter that the bags you carry match or not (because mismatching is also in trend) Gucci, Mulberry, Coach, the list goes on and on. So, if you think that you need more than one bag? Go ahead and carry three.

beach bag tote bag
Logo labeled

This is another bag trend that has amassed several appreciative glances. Bags that boast about the high-end, chic brand they come from are capturing the limelight. Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga have all exhibited bags that loudly mention their names. If you are someone who loves to sprinkle sass all over the place, you better get yourself one of these.

Graphic bags

Graphic tees are old-school but graphic bags are in the queue of the lust-have bag trends of this season. Hermes, Nina Ricci, Bally, Balenciaga, are a few of the designer houses that have paraded this style on the runway. Bold and beautiful, printed bags weren’t just in the previous year but have flown their way into 2018 as well.

Straw bags

While the trend was introduced last year, it will be rocked this year too. Because winter 2017 didn’t seem like a reasonable time to many, fashionistas are all set to sport straw bags in 2018’s spring and summer. After all these bags give those perfect beach-y, picnic-y feels. Miu Miu, Phillip Lim, Zimmermann, and Michael Kors have all saluted this trend with their creative creations.

Embellished bags

Studded punk bags, cutesy bejeweled ones, or sophisticated sequined pieces; these are all in vogue. Even backpacks that are entirely bedecked with faux gems are a highlight this year. Channel your inner funky, and rock an embellished handbag this season. Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Altuzarra, and Jeremy Scott among many others, approve.

beach bag tote bag
Oversized bags

Not only micro bags but huge bags that can house a quarter of your wardrobe are also in trend. As shown by Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, and many more. Apart from being perfect for picnics and all, if you are the sort of individual who likes the idea of stuffing tons of stuff inside her bag, this one is for you. Smaller versions of duffel bags also come under this umbrella.

Croc skin bags

Faux croc skin bags are another major trend these days. From croc clutches to croc handbags, micro bags, crossbody bags, this trend is coming in all shapes, sizes, and trends. Jason Wu and Mulberry are among those brands that have fueled this trend. Salvatore Ferragamo too, has exhibited a gorgeous croc skin bag on its spring 2018 runway.

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